• Description: Sesame White natural granite for counter top / (HPL) Wenge Laminates for carcass and doors / SANTA CLARA marine plywood for all substrate
  • Description: Jet Black Natural Granite for counter top / (HPL) Golden Cherry Laminates for Doors / SANTA CLARA marine plywood for all substrate
  • Description: High Pressure Laminates (HPL) for counter top / (HPL) Wenge Laminates for carcass and doors / SANTA CLARA marine plywood for all substrate
  • Description: Jet Black natural granite for counter top / (HPL) Embossed White Laminates for carcass and doors / SANTA CLARA marine plywood for all substrate
  • Description: Double Bullnose Jet Black natural granite for counter top / (HPL) Customized Laminates for Base Cabinets and Wenge Hanging Cabinets / SANTA CLARA marine plywood for all substrate
  • Description: Jet Black natural granite for counter top / (HPL) Pastle Ash Laminates for Doors / SANTA CLARA marine plywood for all substrate
  • Description: Corn for counter top / (HPL) 6023 / T oak Laminates for Doors / SANTA CLARA marine plywood for all substrate


If you are dreaming of a handsome kitchen cabinets and of relatively good price then this letter is for you.

Which is the better choice?

Many homeowners in planning for a new kitchen have to make that decision of whether to have it constructed the traditional way, meaning concrete structure made by carpenters, or to contract it out with kitchen cabinet specialist who builds knockdown (modular) type of cabinets.

The traditional cement type is admittedly  a very durable kitchen as far as the cement structure is concern, but its other parts such as the paints, the doors, the counter top, and the inside parts are not as durable. It may not last for ten years. It can also be infested by termite. Usually the traditional cabinets are not partitioned inside and it’s inner parts are laden with openings where cockroach can lay their eggs inside. The inside portion of the concrete flooring are laden with crevices where cockroach can also hide.The environment under the sink is usually damp because of the moisture coming from the ground that penetrate the cement flooring which is another reason why cockroach infested the inside. It is said that cockroach can live for three days with one drop of water. And paint does not last too long in a damp environment.The construction time in the traditional type is a bit too long and messy. There is also the concern that sometimes there are misunderstanding between owner and contractor and/or carpenters such that they need to look for another carpenter to finish the job. And when the whole thing is finished it does not look like they way you wanted it, and the quality of workmanship Is not according to your expectation.

The Modular kitchen: The first major concern here is that it is not durable, especially if you intend to use the kitchen regularly on a daily basis. The second major concern is the cost, sometimes the price is a bit too prohibitive.

Build your Dream Kitchen !!!

Imagine that in 4 week time you will have this brand new kitchen cabinet set:

• A handsomely design modern kitchen cabinet set with a relatively good price.

• Worry-free for the next ten years, because it’s guaranteed.

• Where your family can enjoy cooking together in a beautiful environment.

• Where you can entertain your friends and classmates and even cook together. • Where you can organized all your kitchen tools and equipment.

By the way my name is …

I am Oscar Chan, a family man with two grown up children. As a Catholic my spiritual awakening happened in 1980 when I experienced the saving love and hope of Christ In my heart. I know it is not the same to live without Him. In 1982, I established San Jose Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing, a modern kitchen cabinet company with three branches at the SM malls. I was also 2011 president of the Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines. But I consider the culture of values we developed inside the company more important. For instance we teach our employees the importance of love for the family. Every Monday morning we have a spiritual program for employees conducted during working hours. We don’t allow our managers to shout (bulyaw) at their subordinates. Our employees in general has a respectful attitude towards each other. In the words of one new officer during our annual survey, “walang namumulitika” (no one plays politics). Another employee commented, “walang nagmumura” (no one utter invectives).

We share profits to employees since 1982 and we also promote the practice to other companies, trade associations, and the Catholic Social Teaching community. In fact this is our primary mission as a company. Our profit sharing system is guided by Pope Leo Xlll  principle, “Each needs the other: capital cannot do without labor, nor labor without capital.” If it’s all capital, without labor, one cannot operate the business. If it’s all labor without capital, we cannot also operate the business. The two always goes together. Therefore both of them deserves a share on the fruits of there partnership. From the above principle we can see that employees have the “Right” (karapatan) to share in the profits of the company.

We pay 100% tax due our government. We declare all our sales. In 2003, 2004, 2006 we were awarded as one of top tax payers of BIR Revenue District 54 in region 9.

We have a long term good health program for our employees. Our canteen’s healthy plate, which include brown rice and 50% vegetables and fruits is patterned after the Harvard School of Public Health’s healthy plate (www.hsph.harvard.edu ) Every Monday, between 6 to 7:45 am, we have an inter-department sports program.

The reason why I venture into the furniture business was my fascination with the beauty of the different characteristics of wood grains in various wood species.

15 major benefits and advantages we develop over the years for you:

1. Elegant looking design and color combination because it was a product of reseach and market survey

2. You don’t have to worry for the next ten years because it’s under warranty. When you call for service, a customer care personnel will attend to you within 3 working days free of charge.

3. Each cabinet is sealed, thus if a cockroach coming from the outside gets in, it cannot transfer to the other cabinets.

4. It’s termite-free ( anay ), included in the warranty, both for the upper and lower cabinets. It’s Laminated with hard materials

5. It’s fit to size: we will measure your exact requirements and install cabinets on the basis of that dimension.

6. You can transfer the location of the cabinets to any part of the house because the whole structure can be knocked down. Also since the inner layers of the marine plywood are made of hard wood, even if you disassemble and assemble it several times the strength of the screw will still be there. There is a very big difference between a very good quality raw materials and if the raw material used was of soft quality, even if its also marine plywood.

7. In most cases it can be installed in two to three days only and it is not messy because it’s dry construction.

8. Workmanship and quality is better because it’s machine made.

9. It is easy to make add-on cabinets in the future.

10. You can see already how it will look like when finished as per showroom display.

11. It does not fade and delaminate easily because it’s high pressure laminate.

12. You may wash the inside with soap and water without a problem because it’s made of marine plywood used in boat making.

13. It’s bright and clean looking inside and easy to clean.

14. No moist coming from the cement flooring because the floor of the bottom cabinet is elevated four inches above the cement.

Example of our product development research:

    We have made our own experiment aside from boiling the wood for almost 48 hours to see the strength of Marine Plywood. Picture shows different kinds of wood that has been dip in the water for 2 weeks and the result is shown in the pictures.

Here are some of the comments from our customers:

Good Quality and nice modular kitchen Cabinets. Accommodating with good customer service. Reliable and prompt to reply.

Marissa Macaraig

Ergomometric. It goes along with traditional and modern design of houses. Good as your establishment fully satisfies the demands of the client.

Jose Cadiz Jr.

Very good quality product, specially that you are providing a 10 year warranty. Excellent. Unexpected inspection service.

Nelson Yap

Products are in good quality. Sturdy. Perfectly measured on each piece of wood. Good services. Each concern has a personnel to answer or provide you assistance.

Chrissa Longasa

Excellent, good quality. Very accommodating. Good job with regard to services.

Kristine R. Sarmiento

Maganda, I like the fact that the cabinets are sealed from cockroaches, and laminated. after sales service is good. Your people are courteous. I appreciate very much your quality-control visit and the warranty.

Maria Ana Gomez

Good quality, functional, easy to handle, looks clean and aligned. The service given is satisfactory. The handyman who installed the kitchen cabinet was efficient and respectful. His name is Ronald. Rod, on the other hand is also respectful and attentive. He explained the warranty service in detail.

Devi Paez

Great Product. Quality Craftsmanship, Excellent After Service Support. Great Service accommodation.

Chua Angelo Anthony

High quality materials, long warranty period. We have used modular cabinets from San Jose in our office and we had it for many years until this time. this is the reason why we bought your cabinet for our dream house. Planning to get overhead cabinets also

David Orpilla Jr.

Your product are worth advertising on my part. Very professional and accommodating. The product as a whole is affordable, excellent quality although customized, product needs exact measurement. Services both by installer and inspector are excellent. They creativity provided the best kitchen cabinet.

Eloisa M. Doctor

Product is recommendable: Elegant, simple, affordable. Service is awesome. I observed that your services level up too. That is very good. Clients love good service and follow up service which I did not expect. —- THANKS SAN JOSE!!!

Raquel G. Pelayo

Quality & Elegant and with 10 years warranty, its excellent. Best service as I’ve experienced, personnel are accommodating and courteous. Job well done.

Baby & Hernan Fransisco

So far very good because my previous cabinets last for 16 year but still ok. Service is very good.

Zenaida Macaraig

Maganda, matibay at maayos ang cabinet at maayos gumawa ang nag install ng cabinet at mabilis ang trabaho.

Catherine Marry Espiritu

Cabinets are well-placed. As of these 6 months, no leaks and anays.

Services? Better than I’ve expected, always on time, no conflicts or problems during the process.

Johaina P. Pangcoga

The kitchen cabinet we bought is very durable. It’s design is also good and fits the look that we like. It is simple yet elegant to look at. It was also able to hold a lot of our kitchen tools.

We love the service you provide. Your people are very friendly and accomodating, willing to explain your products quite well.

Terin Eli J. Lapiz

Ang masasabi ko po ay maganda ang product sa San Jose Kitchen, kuhang kuha nila ang gusto na design.

Ang service po ay maganda. Maayos po ang performance ng mga empleyado

Elisa Go Uy

San jose Cabinets are high quality and durable. They look elegant and the prices are quiet low compare to high brands of cabinet.

The San Jose Services are very good. The technicians are all polite and efficient.

Ma. Cecilla A. Fauni

I was very pleased with the fitters returning to rectify a problem from initial installation.

I would say that the “After Sales” service was very good. Many companies would Fit?Collect Money?Go!. You did not! You kept promise and returned to fix.

Well Done

Ken Reid

Materials used are good, cabinets made were perfectly created, installer is polite.

100% satisfaction guaranteed. We were amazed that after installation, there is an inspection team that will come after.

The 10 year warranty program is definitely outstanding.

Joel Caluza

Worth the price, this is my 2nd set already. Good customer service support. Good sales support.

Erwin Alipio

Excellent workmanship that’s why I choose SJKCM, I like the warranty that’s why I totally recommend SJKCM. Excellent service. Accommodating staff and friendly, professional installers. After sales is great, worth every peso spent!

Please keep up the great service! You’re one of a kind company.

Rene Boy A. Pasaol

The products are of good quality despite the affordable pricing. This is the main reason why I’d always go for your cabinets.

I’m happy with the service. I was accommodated well even during the initial stage. The installation service was done on time as committed.

Christine Genevieve M. Apon

KCM product = Matibay, Maganda at nagtatagal. Sa serbisyo di pa naman nauulit dahil sobrang tibay till now nagagamit pa. maayos at maganda pa.

Nenita M. Castillo

Neat and Pulido ang pagkakagawa at pagkakakabit. Service is good and so professional…

Kent Maikhel B. Yacat

Product has good design, functionality and durability. This is our second time to avail ourselves of San Jose KCM.

Ma. Stella C. Tirol

Your product is of good quality. It will last long. I am satisfied of your services. The staffs are all accommodating and respond to my request immediately.

Flordeliza D. Poresores

Good material. Price is very affordable. I would recommend to family and friends. Efficient, professional and very courteous.

Arwin Philip C. Domingo

“The San Jose Employees like Mr. Rene (Megamall) & Mr. August who made our 10 Years service warranty are very good & accommodating. I am very happy of your services especially the 10 Years Warranty Service!!!”

“I am very happy of your product. It is durable and very nice to look at the workmanship and materials are very good and lasted for so many years. I highly & proudly recommend your product to my friends.”

Anna Mirle G. Lecaros

“Your product is superb! It was installed a month before the great flood Ondoy and the only defect it sustained was the hinges. After 3 years we had it checked and after another 4 years (This is our 7th year) We ask for another check, On the level nothing huge got bad, just a few nicks. Hope you maintain your good materials so others may enjoy your product.”

Ma. Ruth G. Castillo

“Excellent quality and good work, looks good, services are fast and reliable”

Sarah Warren

“Good quality, looks presentable, neat work and very good service”

Cecilia Sengia, Sta. Mesa MNL

“San Jose Kitchen has a great quality of service more than the worth that i paid for. Sir Rolly and Sir Jerome are both very nice and accommodating. They are both asset to your company. Great Work!”

“10 Years Warranty of your products is a great deal for every customer like me. It assures your customers that your products are more than the worth of their money.”

Micah Odessa Diaz, Parañaque City

“Your products are of good quality, reliable and recommendable. The service you offer is great, neat and complete.”

Joseph C. Rivera, Las Piñas City

“I am very satisfied with the services of your personnel. Rod assisted me in the design of the kitchen and Alex and Jerome are very skilled in their craft and worked well in the installation. This is the 2nd time I have purchased your product and I am very satisfied with the quality. The first product was made with MDF and I am happy with the kitchen.”

Ma. Arlene P. Tanhueco, Carmona, Cavite

“Excellent product, Happy with your service.”

John Barrow, Bulakan, Bulacan

“High quality product, good service, overall extremely happy with the service.”

Lorna Aquino, Manila

“Maganda po at nung minsan na pumasok ang tubig sa bahay namin, Hindi po nagbago ang anyo, as advertised.”

Ellen Payongayong , Quezon City

“The product looks good and i like its color shade. I can defenitely recommend this to my Friends.”

“The service is good as well! The tech came on time & finished the installation on time. He knows what he’s doing in assembling & installing the cabinets”

Rene Manalili, Quezon City

“The product is good  and presentable and it is easy to use, you can really recommend it because of the quality and appearance of it.”

“The service is also good the people behind it are respectable and easy to talk with you can approach them anytime you want.”

Rochelle M. Cagimbaga, Quezon City



May The Good Lord give you grace and peace,


Oscar Chan



. . .

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PS1: Our business mission is to give you the best customer value for the amount you spend. We may not be the lowest price, but we strive to give you the best combined value of quality, design, functionality, price and service. In the long term you got the better deal and peace of mind.


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